• October 28, 2021
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Top tips for improving your English vocabulary

Are you looking for a way to improve your English vocabulary? Herein, vocabulary makes a key element for speaking English fluently. That includes using correct grammar, words, expression, and fluency in speaking it. Correcting yourself by knowing the right words to express can help you clear your difficulty in the language. However, improving your hold on the language can be quite fun if you know how to make it entertaining.

This article presents you with 10 tips on improving your vocabulary and making the whole process a fun thing in an exceptional way. Read the sections below:

Pick a theme and try connecting words to it. You can create storyboards or connect the words in a way you can create a meaningful sentence. The topic can be anything from food to movies. Pick verbs and phrases which you can use to create a sentence. With this, you can generate a full sentence that can be used for learning the language.

Another best way of sticking the vocabulary to your mind is writing it down. The nerves of your hand are directly connected to your head, making it easier to remember written words. Write sentences with new words, vocabulary to create new sentences or expressions. You can also keep a pen and note or your smartphone note handy to write down the words.

You can use diagrams and images to learn the words that you study. The drawings will help in triggering your memory and assist in the visual learning of words. Moreover, you can also learn new words and relate them to different styles. Thus, if you are an exceptional artist, then draw a word, connect it to an idiom or word and memorize it in your mind.

Act out the expressions and words to learn the language quickly. Imagine an act or a situation where you can fit the word which you have learned. If you have a word that you can relate to a situation, then it will spark in your mind to remember it. It will be easy to guess what the word is. Besides, you can turn the whole learning process into a play by asking your friend or colleague to act out the word so you can guess it further.

Moreover, if you are alone, you can try to enact the word in front of the mirror and guess it. Besides, you can also strike a conversation to know if you are using the vocabulary properly or not.

Bring out your creativity by designing flashcards or also index cards during your free time. Ensure it is in English. Every time you learn a new word, create new index cards or flashcards to review them. The more you create, the more it will help you remember the words and learn the ideal pronunciation and tone.

Adding an element of story or imagination to the words will etch it in your mind. One of the ways is assigning different colors to different vocabs or words. It will help you in recalling the word later. Besides, it will prevent you from getting confused when you hear the word. For example, you can assign different colors for nouns, verbs, and adjectives too.

Listening is an exceptional way of improving your language skills. The more you listen, the more it will get etched in your head and recalled later. Thus, use the best resources like broadcasts and videos to hear new words. You will get to know the actual pronunciation and how you can use it to form a word or sentence.

Choose topics that drive your interest. Your fondness of the subject or topic will make you concentrate and hear more. Besides, you must be careful to choose the right set of words relevant to your learning. For example, if you are having a meeting, you can pick words you can use during the meeting. Even though you do not use English always, learning them can help connect them to a situation and remember it later.

Never opt for rote learning. Memorizing words from the dictionary will make you confused and won't help in forming any sentence. Even if you use a dictionary, limit it to only 15 words per day to not get extremely confused. Herein, you will be more successful in learning the vocabulary.

Observing is the best way of learning a word. Read as many books as possible or listen to podcasts and videos to learn newer words. Note these words and read them out to know if you have spoken them correctly. Never jot down a word but the whole sentence to make it easier for you to learn common collocations.

Learning English is not a difficult task but requires curiosity and zeal to imbibe the correct tone and meaning. You must have the craze of learning words and how to use them in the sentence and pronounce them.
Thus, remember you can learn the English language by using the above tips.

It will thus help in teaching you how to imbibe the language. Everyone has a different way of learning a language. As a result, you can use different methods that suit your learning methodology for etching the language in your mind.

Besides, ensure to record the words, speak them, and listen to them to know how well you have grasped the language. Moreover, do not forget to track your progress and make the entire process of English learning fun and entertaining.

Improve your hold and knowledge of English by using different methods and ways to make the learning process good and fun. Turn into a wizard of the language by practicing it continuously and transforming yourself into a master and professional with English vocabulary.


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