1/10 Autonomy (noun)

the freedom for a country, a region or an organization to govern itself independently (स्वायत्त्ता)

Synonyms: Freedom, Liberty, Self rule, Home rule

Antonyms: Dependence, Subjection, Force, Compulsion

Example: Activists stepped up their demands for local autonomy.

2/10 Raging (adjective)

very strong. (क्रोध)

Synonyms: Wild, Stormy, Angry, Turbulent

Antonyms: Calm, Delighted, Gleeful, Happy

Example: I flew into a rage.

3/10 Disrupt (verb)

to make it difficult for something to continue in the normal way (बाधित करना)

Synonyms: Disturbed, Discontinuous, Upset, Interrupt

Antonyms: Calm, Soothe, Appease, Compose

Example: Demonstrators succeeded in disrupting the meeting.

4/10 Rivalry (noun)

A state in which two people, companies, etc. are competing for the same thing (प्रतिद्वंद्विता)

Synonyms: Competition, Conflict, Struggle, Strife

Antonyms: Harmony, Peace, Accord, Calm

Example: There is a certain amount of friendly rivalry between the teams.

5/10 Fraught (adjective)

filled with something unpleasant (भरा हुआ)

Synonyms: Anxious, Laden, tense, Filled, Full

Antonyms: Empty, calm, Easy, Quiet, Peaceful

Example: This technique is fraught with dangers.

6/10 Annuity (noun)

a fixed amount of money paid to somebody each year, usually for the rest of their life (वार्षिक राशि)

Synonyms: Pension, Allowance, Share, Grant

Antonyms: Debt, Loss, Penalty, Misfortune

Example: She receives a small annuity.

7/10 Exempt (verb)

to give somebody official permission not to do something or not to pay something they would normally have to do or pay (विमुक्त)

Synonyms: Excuse, Release, Discharge, Spared

Antonyms: Prevent, Accountable, Answerable, Blame

Example: Men in college were exempt from military service.

8/10 Hectic (adjective)

very busy (हलचल भरा)

Synonyms: Frenetic, Agitated, Restless, Feverish

Antonyms: Calm, Peaceful, Tranquil, Easeful

Example: They've got a hectic schedule planned.

9/10 Well being Avail ki kin hi?(verb)

to state clearly and definitely that something must be done, or how it must be done (तय कर देना या शर्त लगा देना)

Synonyms: Fix, Specify, Set, Prescribed

Antonyms: Refuse, Imply, Discourage, Break off

Example: A delivery date is stipulated in the contract.

10/10 Avail (noun)

does not achieve what you want. (कोई लाभ नहीं)

Synonyms: Help, Benefit, Profit, Service

Antonyms: Dissatisfy, Fail, Worthlessness, Hinder

Example: His efforts were to no avail.

1/10 Squeamish (adjective)

Not wanting to do something that might be considered dishonest or wrong. (सुकुमार)

Synonyms: Dainty, Delicate, Feeble

Antonyms: Ready, Strong, Willing, Uncritical

Example: I used to be squeamish about eating raw fish.

2/10 Cautious (adjective)

Not taking any risks. (सतर्क)

Synonyms: Careful, Prudent, Watchful, Guarded

Antonyms: Incautious, Careless, Reckless, Unguarded

Example: The scientists are cautious about using enzyme therapy on humans.

3/10 Legacy (noun)

Something that somebody has done successfully and that has positive effects even after they retire or die. (दान)

Synonyms: Bequest, Endowment, Patrimony

Antonyms: Inability, Incapacity, Debt

Example: She left us a legacy of a million dollars.

4/10 Foster (verb)

To encourage something to develop. (पोषण)

Synonyms: Nurture, Encourage, Promote, Nourish

Antonyms: Discourage, Neglect, Ignore, Hinder

Example: Such conditions foster the spread of the disease.

5/10 Preening (verb)

To spend a lot of time making yourself look attractive and then admiring your appearance. (पंख)

Synonyms: Plume, Foppish, Smarten

Antonyms: Let go, Slow

Example: She stood preening in their midst, delighted with the attention.

6/10 Plausible (adjective)

Reasonable and likely to be true. (प्रशंसनीय)

Synonyms: Credible, Believable, Likely, Probable

Antonyms: Unlikely, Unbelievable

Example: That explanation seems entirely plausible to me.

7/10 Recital (noun)

A spoken description of a series of events, etc. that is often long and boring. (गायन)

Synonyms: Narration, Recitation, Concert

Antonyms: Truth

Example: He regularly presented organ recitals throughout his career.

8/10 Boasting (verb)

To talk in a way that shows you are too proud of something that you have or can do. (घमंड)

Synonyms: Bragging, Swagger, Bluster

Antonyms: Modest

Example: He's always boasting.

9/10 Refract (verb)

To make waves, such as those of light, sound or energy, change direction when they go through at an angle. (अपवर्तन)

Synonyms: Deflect, Diffract, Turn

Antonyms: Straighten, Rise, Smooth

Example: His crystal body acts as a prism that can refract light and energy beams.

10/10 Embodiment (noun)

A person or thing that represents or is a typical example of an idea or a quality. (अवतार)

Synonyms: Avatar, Epitome, Incarnation

Antonyms: Exclusion, Disorganization

Example: She's the embodiment of all our hopes.

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