How to learn English quickly

  • October 28, 2021
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Top Tips to Better your Hold on English

English is surely a twisty language that is fun to learn and also entertaining. It is one of the top languages learned and spoken by the majority of people across the globe. We can surely term it as a global language that bridges the gap between regions and countries. Thus, it is what makes it accessible and easier for people to learn. But do you know there are over 7,50,000 words in English and the spellings which can together make you a wizard in it?

Keeping this in mind, learning English thus becomes a task in itself. However, it is not impossible too. Here we bring you this article for all those who are curious to imbibe the language.

Read the top tips for learning English through the sections below:

Read as many things as possible
One of the prime ways of learning English is through reading. It is a method that can turn you into a wizard. However, that too comes with practice. Read, read and read. Read as many things as possible. It can be anything from paperbacks to newspapers, articles on websites, literature, or even your social media feed. The content tends to be quite full of vocabulary that can give you a fair amount of familiarity with the language.

Moreover, reading it continuously every day will broaden your exposure to the language and improve it quickly.

But reading is just the start… There are more to go:

Make a note of new vocabulary
When learning a new language or a subject, we often encounter phrases that get etched in our minds. That thereby becomes impossible to forget. However, it is impossible to remember all the phrases and remember them as well. One way to get it stuck in your mind is by carrying a notebook or noting it in your smartphone notes. As soon as you hear a word or a phrase, quickly write the context in the form of a sentence and its meaning. It will save your time, and you won't be confused when you hear the word again.

Have real talks
Do you know communication plays a major role in building language? We humans from eons have imbibed the skill of learning newer languages by communicating with one another. However, that has changed in the present time with virtual communication. Yet speaking with real humans makes the best way to harness the skill. It will stick in your head better than writing or reading.

You might have come across people who understand English but cannot talk the same because they have never tried speaking it. Not talking in the language you want to learn is a barrier that tends to psyche people. Thus, seek out English people, have an informal conversation, take up a course or join an online class.

Subscribe to YouTube channels and podcasts
What are you more interested in? Is it cooking, politics, blogging, or humor? Well, pick a genre and start listening to its podcasts and videos on YouTube. Subscribe to these channels so you can listen to them when driving or while commuting to work or school. While it may seem a little difficult at the start to learn the language, you will begin to understand it well on continuous listening. Also, you can pick a lot of new vocabulary from a native orator.

Visit a country abroad to learn
If you already live in a place abroad, the best way to learn English is to communicate with the locals. If you are still in your country, then moving to a place abroad can prove to be a great chance for learning English. There is a list of countries where English is widely spoken and can make an ideal place with good weather to pick the language. From Australia to the UK, Canada, the US, New Zealand, and South Africa, you can choose any to kickstart your English learning.

Explore the stuff shared by friends online
Your friends and the stuff they post online can be of great help in learning the language. If you find anything that sparks your curiosity, then go on to explore it further. It can be anything from a news article to videos, talk shows, blogs, songs, etc. If it is in English and the topic is interesting to you, then just read it.

Ask a question – Keep your curiosity alive!
Be curious to learn more. The very same curiosity will drive you towards becoming a good listener and learner. Come up with questions that you can go on to the frame in English. In the case of doubts, quickly ask a question and resolve it. The same goes for if you are enrolled in a course and are worried about asking or speaking wrong English. Do not be shy and ask your questions to your tutor, or you can also browse the internet or blogs for answers to quickly learn the language.

Listen to songs and videos
Another lucrative way of harnessing a language is through music or listening to videos. It can be of anyone, including your favorite native English singer or orator or even interviews. Watch them for gist, and practice it again. Now take down notes of phrases or expressions that catch your mind. Also, the tone, slang, stories or humor, and anecdotes can add to your benefit of etching the language.

Know the purpose of learning
Keep pushing yourself and reminding what is your motive behind learning the language. Is it for just exchanging, or whether you want to focus on the vocabulary? Is it for swaying people in an overseas conference, or do you want to brush your language before going on stage to greet the audience? Learning English can turn truly exceptional and magical if you know the purpose behind it. It will not burn you out and rather make the entire journey quite a fun and entertaining task.

Never say Never!
Never say never! That is the mantra chosen by winners and those who climb the ladder of success. Any learners at a point give up on themselves, saying they don't know to speak English. However, know that your mind believes what you say. The first point to learning the language is to remove negative thoughts from your mind. Convince yourself that you are learning the language and doing exceptionally well in it. Speak to yourself phrases that are positive and which will drive you towards learning it more.

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