How can I make tangible improvements to my spoken English in one month

  • October 30, 2021
  • Vocab24

  1. ImmersionSwitch to English - your news, your movies, your music, even the labels on your breakfast cereal should be in English! For a month ensure that all that you consume is in English. It will make a significant difference to your vocabulary. It will also activate the dormant vocabulary hidden in the secret recesses of your mind. Lastly, it will allow your brain to subconsciously absorb sentence patterns, words and phrases that will come in handy the next time you speak/write.
  2. Phone a friend: Find a ‘chattister’ - a friend/expert user of English to have conversations with you daily to practice real life speaking. If you don’t have anyone in the vicinity, you can find someone online and use Skype to talk to them.
  3. Look in the mirrorFor a few minutes everyday, stand in front of the mirror and speak for a minute or so on any topic you like - your favourite sports person, a piece of news, your favourite movie and so on. If you can overcome hesitation with your self in a mirror, you will not struggle with it in public. Age old technique, but works!
  4. Vocabulary: Make a list of things you need to use English for e.g. grocery shopping/writing emails/ talking to a client over the phone. Now search the internet for phrases that will help you perform those tasks. This is sometimes known as ‘functional language’ as it helps you perform certain functions such as start a telephonic call ( Hello, may I speak to…?) or ask for the price of an item in a shop (How much for this….?) or ending the email cordially ( I look forward to hearing from you soon). Remember to not focus only on words - phrases ( groups of words) are the way to go! Once you’ve found them, practice them over and over until you’re comfortable using them.

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