How can I improve my English listening abilities?

  • October 30, 2021
  • Vocab24

There is a question: What factors are important for listening?

There are TWO factors:
1. To catch the aural signals (lack of listening practice).
You need to be familiar with those signals, even though you don’t know the meanings. Imagine when you are a child, you listen to adults dialogue but do not know what they are talking about. Please pay attentions, being FAMILIAR with is essential. The most familiar level is that you can say or make those sounds, so you’d better mimic the sounds at first.

2.You know what the signals stands for (with low listening vocabulary), that is to say you know the meaning. Learning vocabulary is of great importance. Vocabulary can be classified into four parts, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Listening Vocabulary is usually very few for a second language learner, not as much as reading vocabulary.

So, what’s the method?Dictation!!!


Reason 1:

Dictation will helps you to be familiar with words, phrases and sentences in both aural and meaning aspects. In other words you can effectively expand your listening vocabulary through dictation.
Reason 2:

Dictation will improve your vocabulary and grammar knowledge, which is also benefit to your other 3 parts. In addition, you will find that fewer misspell will occur.
Reason 3:

It will urge you to learning English. Dictation will help you easily to concentrate on learning.

How to do it?

1.listen to a sentence with your device and then you write down what you've just heard.
2.Check the passage and correct it. Please analyse the reasons why you did these errors. This is one possible analysing process.

So, use your cellphone or MP3 Player to practice DICTATION and you will make a big progress with less efforts and time.


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