7 Tips to Learn English Fluently

  • October 29, 2021
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7 Tips to Learn English Fluently
English is a global language that the majority of people across the world speak. Although there is a change in the tone in which it is spoken and pronunciation, it is a language that bridges the gap between oceans and land.

And who wouldn’t like to speak English fluently? Moreover, aren’t we allured by those who talk in the language with correct pronunciation and precision? Does it seem like a river of words flowing out, and you feel like just listening to the speaker?

While every language carries its beauty, there is something unique and humble about English that draws people to learn it. Learning a language and speaking it with complete fluency surely raises our confidence. And if you incline, then you can surely hone the language in the perfect way.

Each English learner tends to be different, and there are also many methods to improve it. However, as they say, Rome was not built in a day, everything will take time, and it can surely be achieved with persistence.
Thus, we recommend to our readers 7 top tips to speak the language with perfection and make the entire process fun, alluring, and effective. Read the sections below:

Mistakes are stepping stones to success
The biggest stop for anyone who wants to learn anything new is the fear of mistakes. We forget that making mistakes is vital to learning. The same implies learning English too. Never be afraid to speak English, even if you are making a mistake. The goal should be to convey the message to the audience. Besides, what is more, important than tone is being grammatically correct and using the correct vocabulary.

Listen carefully
Most of the languages are learned by listening. It is a practice that goes on from aeons. Kids imbibe a language by listening to their elders speak and automatically mimic it, perfecting its skills. The more you listen to someone who speaks good English, the more you will better your language skills. Thus, you can begin by listening to podcasts and favourite shows on television, online or on YouTube, as well as speeches and talk shows. It will not only help you build your confidence but also know how to pronounce a word rightly.

Think and speak in English
The best way to harness the hold in the English language is by thinking in English. When you think in English, you will speak in it. Even though it will seem to be a difficult task initially, you will soon have fun trying to switch between English and your first language.

Speak to the mirror
Before you face the crowd and give a speech, it is recommended to practice standing in front of a mirror. It is considered a lucrative practice that has been tried for ages. Speaking to the mirror gives you the impression of speaking to an audience; however, the speaker and the audience are you. With this, you can build your confidence, listen to yourself when speaking, and look at your body language and better it to make you look confident in front of the crowd.

Record your speech
Most often, we forget to correct ourselves as we never tend to listen to ourselves. Recording your voice is one of the best ways to correct yourself and make English learning fun. Whenever you record your voice and speech and listen to it, you will know where you need to improve, if there any grammatical error, or your pronunciation was right. Try this again and again, and soon, you will find yourself speaking the language with the flow of the river!

Try Tongue Twisters
Tongue Twisters may seem completely out of the way. But in reality, they can be quite helpful in making you a wizard in the language. The USP of using tongue twisters is it helps in improving your diction and helps you speak quickly rather than paraphrasing in between. Now try this,

Talk to Yourself
Who can be a better teacher and a listener than yourself? Talking to self may seem funny and also weird, but it is rather a very effective method. The more you talk to yourself in English, it will build your confidence. Moreover, you will learn to speak rather than imagine or think in English. Unless you do not speak the language, it is impossible to know how much progress you have made.

There is yet another way to better your hold in the language: talking to someone who is good in the language or using it in your day-to-day talking. When you speak with someone else in the language, it will remove the fear from your mind about speaking wrongly. Hence, it is only ideal for removing the fear, which will thereby help you make quick progress.

Honing any skill, whether sports or art, requires inclination, fondness, and immense practice. While you cannot hone it in one day, regular practice will make you a wizard in it. Whether it is learning English, speaking English fluently or reaching any pedestal in life, the only mantra for success is practice and the die-hard attitude of not giving up. Thus, practice, practice and practice, when you look behind, you will find it was all worth it, and you can put across your journey speaking in fluent English!


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