About: The word Zeal used in may englsih words derived from Zelos (Greek) which means “ardor, fervor; jealousy, jealous”. However jealousy in an negative emotion but the it may become a cause of inspiration for showing ardor.

Zeal (noun) - Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.
Zealous (adjective) - Filled with or motivated by zeal
Zealot (noun) - Someone who is very enthusiastic, especially excessively so.
Zealotry (noun) - Excessive zeal
Overzealous (adjective) - Too zealous in one's attitude or behaviour.
Zealatrice (noun) - A enthusiastic female partizan or promoter.
Zelophilia (noun) - A sexual arousal that is based on jealousy arising from feelings of envy, etc.
Zelotypist (noun) - Someone who is characterized, or marked, by excessive zeal that is carried to the verge of insanity, in the advocacy of some cause.

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