About EXO: The root in various English words “ENDO” Taken from the Greek Language Which means “Outside”. This root generally used as a prefix in English words, and has opposite traits of “ENDO” root words.
Exotic (adjective) - Originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country.
Exoteric (adjective) - Intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.
Exothermal (adjective) - Of or relating to a chemical reaction during which heat is released.
External (adjective) - Belonging to or forming the outer surface or structure of something.
Exocrine (adjective) - Relating to or denoting glands which secrete their products through ducts opening on to an epithelium rather than directly into the blood.
Exoskeleton (noun) - A rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals, especially arthropods.
Exobiology (noun) - The branch of science that deals with the possibility and likely nature of life on other planets or in space.
Exocellular (adjective) - That occurs outside of a cell.
Exocentric (adjective) - Denoting or being a construction which has no explicit head.

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