• Congratulations!

• Great!

• Well done!

• Please accept my warmest congratulations…

• Let me offer you my congratulations.

• I’d like to congratulate you on …

• Let me congratulate you on. ..

• Congratulations on your promotion!

• Congratulations on your graduation!

• Congratulations! You deserve it!

• That was excellent. Congratulations!

Good wishes:

• Best wishes!
• Best wishes on your new job!
• Best of luck!
• Good luck to you!
• All the best…
• Wish you a happy married life.

Useful Responses:


• Thanks so much.
• Thanks a million.
• Thanks a lot.
• Thank you for your kindness.
• It’s very kind of you.
• It’s very nice of you.
• Thanks for your support.
• Thanks for your kind words.

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