1. Adaptable
Meaning - /əˈdæptəbl/ - able to change in order to deal with new situations

Example - She’s a great social worker because she’s so adaptable.

2. Affable
Meaning -/ˈæfəbl/ - pleasant, friendly and easy to talk to

Example -He was incredibbly affable with me when I forgot my ticket.

3. Ambitious
Meaning -/æmˈbɪʃəs/ - determined to be successful, rich, powerful, etc.

Example -He's very ambitious and I think he'll do very well in life.

4. Amicable
Meaning -/ˈæmɪkəbl/ - polite, friendly, manages situations without arguing

Example -He seemed very amicable on the phone so I was shocked by his rude email!

5. Bright
Meaning -/braɪt/ - intelligent; quick to learn

Example -You're a bright girl - I knew you would pass the exam!

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